“Cheerful and heartwarming” - Earmilk
Koelsch Releases Swelling Single Incomplete featuring catchy vocals, warm cello and melancholy melodies
— Huffington Post

Paste Magazine 2017

Koelsch Releases Summer Vibes Single, Perfectly Aligned. From the instrumentation to his soft indie/folk vocals to it’s catchy lyrics, Perfectly Aligned is ideal for a day laying out in the sun.
— Paste Magazine

Radio Airplay: 
Epic Summer is spinning on over 130 Independent and CMJ College Radio stations in the United States. 

Featured on radio in 2014:
Charted #1 on WSIN New Haven, CT
Charted #2 on WLFC Findlay, OH
Charted #2 on KTCV Radio Kennewick, WA
Charted #3 on WFCS New Britain, CT
Charted #5 on WVIA Pittston, PA
Charted #5 on M3 Radio Brooklyn, NY
Charted #14 WDCV Carlisle, PA
Charted #30 on WRTC Hartford, CT
Charted #30 on KAMP Tucson, AZ

Complete List of Radio Airplay


"Heading further north, the Balboa area is also home to venues that draw dedicated local crowds. Original songster and Boston transplant Matt Koelsch entertained at The Village Inn recently, strumming out tunes you might be hearing on the radio (or in a car commercial) next year."  Newport Beach Magazine


"Matt Koelsch & The Allies’s sophomore album Epic Summer is just delightful. Each song on the album has an attitude of its own, clearly portraying the amazing writing skills of Matt Koelsch. For those who have never heard their music, it’s a mix of blues, folk, rock and country which is represented in this album. Matt Koelsch has an amazing voice and The Allies are clearly very talented instrumentalists." WLOY Loyola College - Radio

"Koelsch’s remarkable voice is capable of rich, thick lows as well as bright, clear highs." - Boston Band Crush

Shakefist Magazine - "Take Good Care succeeds in a way that is notable. Despite its ups and downs literally from track to track, it has the ability to keep you listening. Take Good Care EP looks out for you and Matt Koelsch makes sure of that."


Interview & Performance - Business Rockstars Santa Monica, CA